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[05 May 2025|01:29pm]
interested in what's coming up for the city of redwood? use this post as a catch all to view the calendar, to find easy access links, and to get in contact with the mods for questions or suggestions for future activities!

custom exchange - 00/00
collab buddies - tba
narrative challenge - current
june event - pride weekend
this post is screened to leave any suggestions for activities you'd like to see in the future. please feel free to drop off as many ideas as you'd like!


custom exchange [03 May 2023|03:51pm]
every 10 days we will hook up two people to get to know each other better! every new hook up will include a theme to talk to your buddy about (childhood, family, jobs, etc). be prepared to learn something about someone with a chance to tell someone about yourself. be careful not to leave any nasty impressions as they will be coming back to share with the group!

sign ups
first & last name
only sign up if you're able to keep up with customs and give your buddy good time on this. if you're going to be too busy during a cycle, let us know and we'll skip assigning you.

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scene & narrative collab buddies [11 May 2020|02:29pm]
sign-up here for a platonic writing partner. random fun connections with people in the community outside of romantic sls are fun and important. we will assign you a partner and a scenario or theme to throw your character into with another. from there, you guy collaborate on a scene or narrative. if any kind of scenario is off limits to you, let us know. otherwise, all of the scenarios will be somewhat basic and shouldn't infringe on any beliefs of your character's.

sign ups
first & last name
only sign up if you're interested! please be open minded about scenes - quick or otherwise. we want this to be a non-judgmental group so again, open minds! if you're going to be too busy during a cycle, let us know and we'll skip assigning you.

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SIGN-UPS ARE NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU! [10 May 2020|12:00am]
the love is love blind auction will be hosted by the hrc redwood community, and all proceeds go towards the human rights campaign. if you would like to sign up to be auctioned on, please fill out the following form. if you do not sign up by thursday, june 22nd when the auction begins, we cannot guarantee that you will be included so please be sure to sign up as soon as possible. all comments are screened to keep this blind, and please don't give anyone hints about your answers!
name: (will not be revealed until the end)
3 dislikes:
something you're talented at:
what you'd do for fun on your date:
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redwood community member (bi-weekly) [03 May 2020|03:10pm]
the official redwood podcast is highlighting our community members twice a month! every month we'll pick 2 people to come on the show and be interviewed to tell the community of redwood what they're all about. if you're not shy, sign up today! leave us your full name and age. you must be 18+ to sign-up. no recording knowledge or experience required, we'll take care of all that. we look forward to getting to know you better! signed: your hosts, jack and tyler.

sign ups:
character's first and last name
age & occupation
you will be given a small survey to fill out and answer ic and then it will be compiled into a show transcript to be shared with the entire community.


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HERE ARE THE WINNERS! [23 Jun 2017|03:40pm]
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[19 Jun 2017|02:30pm]
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